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    Are you looking for a proper home security system installed in your home? Just call us on the number above and we will be happy to provide you with a bespoke tailored quote for your own needs that suits your purpose and your budget without sacrificing the quality. We serve both residential homes and commercial businesses & properties and help them become secure and prepared to be safe and protected if a burglar attempt happens.

    What is a Home Security Alarm System?

    It’s a security alarm system built to detect intruders and burglars into your property. So It’s a must-have system for personal protection against property damage and burglary to make sure that a break-in will not go unnoticed.

    There are many different alarm systems each for a different purpose, property type, price.
    Some are designed for intrusion and motion detection, Glass-break sensors, smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detections, driveway alarms etc.

    Is installing an alarm system worth it?

    Even though it’s a considerable expense to install a quality home security alarm system, it’s well worth it, let us explain,

    First of all, it’s common for cheap or very old alarm systems to go-off and provides false alarms, or worse, not go-off when it should, the newer and higher-end ones have much higher efficiency rate and reduced false alarms.

    The second reason, With the recent recession because of the global pandemic and Brexit, there was an increase in theft crimes around Manchester and the country.

    Also, most burglars will always search for the easiest target that has no or poor security alarms installed because they know they can’t hide from sophisticated alarm systems.

    One more thing is that statistics have shown that areas that have more security alarms installed have decreased theft instances.

    And lastly, with a good system, you are always connected to your property even if you’re in a different country,

    It will have a central alarm control panel and will notify you on your phone if specific doors are opened and if anyone accessed a certain area in or around your house, and much more.

    In conclusion, if protecting your family, home or property is important to you, then it one of those expenses that you can’t go and look for the cheapest alarm system kit in the market.

    Top Home Alarm systems kit brands

    There are tons of alarm systems with external Sirens, but according to there are a few that we will mention below:

    • Yale (Most popular in Manchester and best brand for families), 
    • SimpliSafe (2nd Most popular in Manchester and best for elderly and seniors), 
    • Blink (Best CCTV camera video quality), 
    • Verisure (Most comprehensive), 
    • ADT (Most trusted), 
    • Abode (Best No Contract Security), 
    • Ring (Easiest to Use home security system that works on your cell phone App for 24/7 monitoring)

    Can it be hacked/bypassed?

    There are three types of alarm wirings 

    • Wired (most safe because there are no radio frequencies that thieves can hack)
    • Wireless (most modern technology and is the most popular option today but comes with the risk of being hacked and it happened numerous times around the world but it’s rare).
    • Hybrid systems (combines the best of both worlds of wired and wireless)

    Are Home alarm systems connected to the police station?

    Yes, the majority of alarm systems are indirectly connected to the police. 

    Let us clarify, there’s no direct connection from Alarm systems to police stations because false alarms are very common, so home alarms are connected to trained security controllers which then will confirm if it’s a false or true burglar alarm that will pass it on to the police which will go to the site.

    Quotes & prices & insurance discounts (fixed cost vs monthly cost?)

    Prices depend on many factors such as whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial property, the size of your property, your budget and the level of security you require etc. 

    But to answer this question, the average price for most alarm installations in the UK is somewhere between £400-800 (depending on if it’s a one-off payment or a monthly contract)

    Does installing a burglar alarm lower your insurance premium Will having a burglar alarm lower my insurance premium? 

    There are many benefits of having a high-quality burglar alarm system, and because it isn’t a cheap investment, ~

    then it’s worth asking that question. Installing an alarm usually indeed lower your insurance premium, but it’s not always the case, sometimes it doesn’t make a difference because insurance providers have so many factors that they take into consideration,

    including the safety of the neighbourhood.

    Are we registered alarm installers?

    Our team of engineers are professionally trained and qualified to fit alarms into your properties and can provide you with advice in regards to your questions or concerns.

     Services (installations & repair)

    If you already have a security system installed (by yourself or another company) and you think it’s time for a repair or replacement, give us a call and we can give a free quote on how much it would take to repair it (if it’s still fit for purpose), otherwise, we will show you some of the most modern alarm systems that we are installing in and around Manchester

    We are just a call away to give you a free quote (no call out charge).